Copyleft or Creative Commons Radio Programs

In the radioswap database

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Common Mix 01, Common Mix 02 and Common Mix 03 are three 30 minutes programs mixing only creative commons music.

The whole Martiens Go Home series. Those are improvised radio soundscapes.

Out of the radioswap database

Down with the chairman is a program from Resonance playing only music available legally and freely on the internet (so it is sometimes copyrighted, but there is a large proportion of copyleft music). I would recommand this particular show : a special issue in order to prove there are other things than electronic music coming from the netlabels.

Squarescubed has the same kind of idea. It's made in Ontario, Canada and broadcast only legally downloadable music (so not always copyleft)

Interjamp Radioshow : Same kind of project, but electronic music only, and german language.

Ideal Standard: people from Strasbourg making mix programs with creative commons music on the local community radio station (RBS)

Dan Wilson's Epistaxis time (Resonance fm) : in this series, Knut recommand the hilarious and verrrry strange Lamp Post door special. This is great stuff.

Dan Wilson's The Exciting Hellebore Shew (Resonance fm), also completely amazing, focusing a lot on the practice of tape dropping (like in this issue for example).

I found it hard to believe at first, but everything you can find on Arte Radio is licensed under creative commons. They mention explicitly that community radio stations can use their programs for free, and they have short programs about many things, ranging from Guy Debord to Métal Urbain.

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